Before ordering, please verify that your stock center-stand arm is not bent.  It should rest, roughly centered, in the muffler heat shield cutout as shown here:   >>>>>>>>>


GL-1800 Center Stand EZ-LIFT ​​ 

The EZ-Lift is designed to work on a stock Gold Wing GL-1800 or F6B fitted with a stock Center Stand, stock (or Kuryakyn) Passenger Floor Boards and Grab Rails.  If you have removed the grab-rails to fit a custom seat, lifting will be difficult!  

If you have extended passenger floor boards, I have a version of the EZ-Lift  that permits 1.00" additional clearance for $35.00 ADDITIONAL cost.  Please inquire before ordering.  

I find it nearly impossible to raise my 900 Lb. GW on to the center-stand without help. I decided to create a solution to make this an easy one-person operation. I wanted it to be something that is always with the bike and doesn't interfere with quick deployment or take up usable space. My solution still uses muscle-power but multiplies it through the mechanical advantage of a longer lever. By more than doubling the leverage provided by the stock stand, lifting effort is greatly reduced and can be accomplished by body weight alone (If you weigh more than I do), or a slight lift on the grab-handle. I weigh 174 lb. and I can raise my GW with one foot on the arm and two fingers lifting the grab-bar. No strain and no more pain. ​
A word of caution to Gold-Wing riders, For various reasons, the rear hydraulic pre-load system may not be fully functioning. If it does not fully raise the rear end, even with the EZ-LIFT, it may be very difficult to deploy the center-stand. If your pre-load doesn't start to lift by number 8-10,  you may not be able to deploy the center-stand, even with the 

EZ-LIFT..... The geometry of the center-stand arm is seriously compromised if the rear pre-load is not at its highest point. Even with the EZ-LIFT, it is difficult, or impossible to lift a bike that is not raised. Just as it is impossible to lift the bike with a flat rear tire.   

The most important factor in deploying the Center-Stand (CS) is having maximum ground clearance!  
If your pre-load is not properly functioning, if will be increasingly difficult to deploy the CS even with the EZ-LIFT.  
Before installing the EZ-LIFT, lower your pre-load to zero. Then listen to the pre-load motor as you raise the suspension. Note the number on the dash display when the motor begins to "strain". IE: The number when the pre-load actually begins to lift the bike.  If that number is higher than 5-9, the suspension is not being fully raised and it will be difficult to deploy the CS even with the EZ-LIFT! 
If, for any reason, you do not feel safe using this product, please return it for a full refund including return shipping. 

Since it uses the stock center stand, once raised, the rear wheel is free to rotate for checking pressure or wheel removal. 

The EZ-Lift consists of 5 CNC machined  parts, anodized black and comes with stainless steel hardware. Two parts form a bracket that attaches to the stock center-stand arm and remains there ready for use. Installation takes approximately 10 - 20 minutes and once installed, does not interfere with conventional use of the center-stand.  A separate arm & swiveling foot pad are stowed in the left saddle-bag under the tool-kit hold-down band. The arm fits a molded recess in the saddle-bag bottom so it doesn't take up any usable space.  (photo 3)

Nothing short of an electric/hydraulic unit will make lifting a Gold Wing an EASY job!  The EZ-LIFT is designed to make the job as easy as possible without external power.
To lift the bike, make sure the surface is flat, the bike is in neutral, the front wheel straight and the suspension is set on maximum height. Slip the machined end of the bar into the mating T-slot of the bracket, stand the bike upright and transfer your weight to the foot-pad. This can be done with the right foot while facing toward the rear of the bike. Holding the grab-bar helps stabilize you and the bike and you may need to lift slightly. When lifting is complete, slip the bar out and replace in the saddle-bag. No tools needed. 


To reiterate, the EZ-LIFT is only designed to assist a person who is healthy enough to lift the bike, but doesn't want the struggle. 

As a precaution, you should be aware that it might be possible for someone to take a left-hand corner hard enough to drag the bracket attached to the center-stand arm! The bracket adds approx. 3/4" to the outside of the center-stand arm but sits well above the foot-peg feelers.
If you routinely drag the center-stand arm, front crash-bars or any body part, this might not be for you.

Price is $120.00 plus $8 Priority shipping in the United States.  For foreign delivery please inquire on prices and methods.
My promise is simple, either you love the EZ-LIFT, or, I encourage you to return it for a full refund.