Reed:   "Good morning Phil, your rack arrived, it’s mounted and the new Givi trunk is on.  It fit perfectly, looks good, very nice machine work and it’s so much stronger than the plastic original.  The monokey fittings you installed did not require any adjustment, just put the pads in place, tight fit, no rattles.  Thanks for a very good product."

Tim:  "I purchased the luggage rack with the Monolock option. I cannot adequately describe the superior design of your product as compared to the bike specific ones they offer. This is head and shoulders above the quality and design of theirs. It's very high quality, it looks great and above all, it works perfectly. I mean they should be buying your product, it's better than theirs!!! What a great job."

Steve:  "I received the rack today and it exceed all my expectations!  The fit, finish and outstanding service are stellar.  Shipping with SW Motech mounts in place was awesome.  I am a very very picky and meticulous motorcycle technician and at 48 years old I appreciate quality and attention to detail.  Thank You!"

Your rack is the best thing I've done for the bike! Thanks for the great work!

Jim: "Today  is Thursday and I received my Givi mounting plate for my 2015 Versys 1000 LT. I ordered the full black version to match the original. The mounting plate was great and fit perfectly. I used your screws provided and the trunk slid on with no interference. I then mounted your cushion pads near the rear and it fits snug with no wobble or chatter. Mates with my V46 Givi and works great. The product is excellent and thank you."

Jamie: "I just wanted to drop a line to say that I received my new rack today. I didn't waste any time getting it installed. This thing is perfection. The Concours should have had your rack on it from the factory! I have always been hesitant to let my kids ride with me since they like to lean against my Givi top box, and the factory rack did not instill ANY confidence. I'm happy to say that they will be back on the bike."

GL-1800 Center Stand EZ-LIFT: (Helping Hand and EZ-LIFT are one and the same)​​

Joe:  "Now, thanks to your clever invention, I can put the bike on its center stand with ease. I weight about same as you, at around 170, and all it takes inanition to standing on the lever, it a two finger pull in the seat handle.  The fit, form and finish of your product is excellent, and a tribute to the quality of, "Made In USA”.  Thanks much for a very useful product."

Doug: " I got my EZ Lift today. Simple to install. What an amazing product. I tried it out and I was shocked!  Totally unreal how little effort is needed to set my F6B on the center stand.  My back thanks you very much."

Steve:  "Hi Phil,  Your helping hand (EZ-LIFT) was delivered today, Attached to center stand and voila,  Works great especially for those of us who have bad backs, etc. Thanks for the speedy shipment and great product,  Regards Steve”.

John B. (Australia) - "WOW  What a difference this has made. Put it on the centre stand easy. This is the first time I got the goldwing on the centre stand since I bought it 12 months ago.  I'm 74 and still fit but this was too heavy for me till now".

Jim   "I used to be  a big strong guy, but now at age 82 I am simply and old Fart. Your Ez Lift works great and I am impressed. and it is very well made.
Makes me wanna shout American made."

K.G.  "Thank You!! I'm a 5'4" woman that can now put my goldwing on his center stand without help...  Awesome product"

Curtis:   "I received the lift late yesterday. I installed it this morning and after a couple of adjustments I lifted the bike on the center stand. It works great. I have to admit at first I thought this was a little pricey but much less that the damage a fallen bike would cause. After receiving the lift and seeing the quality and precision required to make this its a good deal and worth the cost. Thanks"

Tom (F6B): "I received it yesterday and just installed it and it is just plain awesome. I easily lifted the bike with  the  softest settting and  my bags filled with tools and stuff I always carry. I liked the toe under the rear crashbar approach. I had to rock it once or twice prior to the Ez Lift now it just smoothly raises with good control."

BARRY M:   "Phil, Received the EZ-Lift today and had it on the Wing shortly thereafter and I love it!  This is the answer to miles and miles of me "thinking" about something like this - but this is far better than anything I would have dreamed up.  Thank you so much for having it available and for your quick response to my order and immediate shipping!  It was "unbelievably" EZ to put the Wing up on the center stand!!"

GEORGE D:  "Phil, I received my EZ lift the other day.  It is an outstanding design and of superb quality!  It went on, as you instructed, in about 10 minutes.  Fit was perfect, and there were adequate clearances all arround.  Works as promised!  Thanks much."  

JOHN G:  "I am totally amazed, first at your customer service.  I ordered the GL1800 center stand assist product on Wednesday and had it in my hands on Friday afternoon.  
Secondly, The stand was extremely easy to install and once I tried lifting the bike to the center stand, I was amazed at how easy it was. You have developed a great product.  

I never thought it would be so easy to get the bike on the center stand, and just think, no more driving onto boards that get wedged under the bike.
Thank you and I highly recommend your product....."

TOM K:  "Wow! Phil, not only did I receive the EZ Lift in two days, add 10 minutes and it was installed. The quality, fit and function are superb! I had the Wing on the center stand without the usual knee and back strain. This made the effort 2-3 less than lifti g with the short stock centerstand. Thanks Phil for a great and useful product."

BRUCE K:  "Received package. Installed and all I have to say is the only easier way to put a Goldwing on its center stand is to let your wife do it... Great product great craftsmanship.  I told myself I would need to part with the wing once my 62 y.o. body wasn't able to get it on the stand.  Now I will be riding it till another reason presents."

Lee W.   "Phil, I received your EZ lift yesterday and mounted it on my wing. My hat is off to you sir. Wonderful invention. For the first time I can put my bike on center stand by myself and with relative ease."

Lou B.:  " To quote Archimedes.  "Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world."  Replace "world" with Goldwing/F6B.  I spent a lot more time admiring the excellent engineering and craftsmanship of the parts than on the installation.  This makes lifting the bike easy."

John C.:  "I wrote a short review for the LDriders List. Nice work. I run 55 profile car time on my 2006 GL1800 and fully loaded with fuel and the aux tank and forty pounds of tools I never use it is tough to get on the center stand. I have seen other rally prepped GL's, and riders report the same problem. If the rear tire loses pressure (as it did on july-14) it is impossible without at least one helper. Problem solved with GL-1800 Center Stand EZ-LIFT from This device takes about one minute to install, and I can lift my GL with my daughter sitting on it. It is not cheap, but the quality is fantastic - anodized aluminum and metric (5mm) fasteners. No relation to the company, I saw it on eBay."

Tom R.:  "You are right, practice is the key. I rotated the bracket until I got as much clearance as possible. When I shortened the arm it doesn't give much advantage, full length makes it easy to lift. Haven't tried bare-footed, I think I will leave that to you.
It all works as advertised just takes some getting used to. I certainly will recomend this to every Wing rider I know."

Jim:  "After using the Center Stand Helping-Hand for a couple of months, thought I might let you know what a great part you made."  "Actually, the Wing jumps up on the center-stand before I can get my weight on the lever pad.  Man, it is so easy it’s unbelievable how easy the Wing jumps up on the center-stand   I use to have a little help from my co-rider to get the Wing on the center-stand  but not anymore.   This part is really worth every cent to me and makes me independent like I use to be when putting the Wing on the center-stand.  Thanks for a making such a bodacious part." 

Jim:   "Who would have ever thought a 75 year old could lift a 900 pound Goldwing onto the center stand using only one leg?"  

Gordon:  "Phil, Finally got the new parts installed and it works well! I had to move the screw on the lever to the first hole (longest lever) and have been able to set the bike on the center stand 5 of 5 tries! This lever length lets me get my foot on the pad. In all I feel more secure using the device". 

LOUIS:  "Just received helping hand. I used the YouTube instructions which made installation quick and easy. It works like a dream. I'm now able to place the bike on the center stand without straining the muscles in my neck and back. Thank you for coming up with a smart solution!"  (Recovering from broken back/neck)

Don:  "I raised and lowered the bike a few times and it is so easy to do with your device."

Larry:  "The newer model fit much better and I have absolutely no problems getting the bike on the center-stand now. I do love the "Helping Hand". 

Jim:  "Over all the device is and will be a life-saver for anyone’s back or for guys like me……….a bit long in the tooth.  I like it and I’ll show it around to many guys and ladies that ride 2-wheelers in my area. Good product."

John:  "I don't have a problem putting the bike on the center stand...but I bought one just to try it...Man what a difference...I think my Mom could get it on the center stand with this and she is 88 years old..."

Barry:  "Phils helping hand is a no brainer if you want to save your back now, or in the future with his product. It's strong, stable, easy to use, easy to store and is worth purchasing if you are shorter in stature and have difficulties putting the bike on the center stand, a bit older and losing the strength or momentum, or want to avoid potential injuries down the line." 

Don:  "My back won't be hurt anymore!"

Steve:  "The "Helping Hand" , (after our phone conversation and fix), is a very good "help" in getting the 1800 up on center stand.
It takes very little effort from me now to get it up.  And, now there is no strain on my back in doing it".

Paul:  "Looks like a work of machinist's art!"