Please double check your EMAIL Address > > > > > > > > > > > > >

IF you live in Texas, please tell me when you order.  I must collect

Texas state sales tax.  

To ORDER or obtain more information please send me an EMAIL.  

If ordering, I will return a PAYPAL invoice to your Email address (Please verify it for accuracy) for payment and will ship immediately after payment is posted.  ​​

EZ-LIFT buyers:  If you do NOT use PAYPAL, or want to save $5.00, please send payment of $123.00 (plus $9.29 tax IF a Texas resident) by Postal Money Order or check made payable to:

Philip Ham

106 Oak Forest Lane

Ovilla TX  75154-3318  

LUGGAGE RACK buyers:  When ordering, please specify:
1. Is it for a Concours 1400 or a VERSYS-1000?
2. Which rack style you want (A,B or C) ?
3. Do you want a rack WITHOUT holes for mounting the SW-MOTECH kit?
4. Do you want to order a SW-MOTECH kit for a MonoKEY trunk,

5. Do you want a set of T-nuts for use with trunks that require a universal mounting plate  (IE:  MonoLOCK or other brands).