A BETTER LUGGAGE RACK        Kawasaki Concours -14  (GTR 1400)     &    Kawasaki Versys - 1000

The Kawasaki Concours-14 (GTR 1400) and the Versys-1000, while being fantastic motorcycles, come equipped with flimsy plastic luggage racks.  Not strong enough or large enough to safely mount a top box or backrest, and barely adequate to carry light weight packages.  My replacement rack is CNC machined of 3/8" (9.5MM) 6061-T6 aluminum, and is over 1/4" (8.5MM) thick at its thinnest point.  It is powder coated a black textured finish to match the finish on the saddle bags and has a brushed aluminum finish on the raised ribs.  Measuring 10" (25CM) long by 12" (30CM) wide, it is perfectly proportioned to the bike.  The rack drops in place and attaches with all the stock mounting hardware. Slots allow attachment of almost any brand top-box mounting plate (see TRUNK INFO page) and provide forward/backward adjustment of approximately 1- 3/4" (44MM).  

All racks come drilled and tapped for installation of the SW-Motech kit to allow ONLY Givi monoKEY trunks to connect directly to the rack.  If you DO NOT want the holes please specify when ordering.  Unless otherwise specified, ALL racks will be shipped with the holes dirilled and tapped.  Either way, the locations for the holes are marked on the bottom of the racks.  For inquiries, or placement of orders please Email me (see  ORDER/INQUIRY page).

All styles of racks may be ordered with the SW-Motech kit installed (as shown right) for an additional $20.00.  

This kit allows any Givi MonoKEY trunk to be mounted directly to the rack without using a mounting plate.  

T-NUTS - (for use on ALL trunks that come with a mounting plate)  simplify mounting,  

they drop through the slots, turn 90 degrees, pull up and tighten without 

​the need of a wrench underneath the rack.  Available in sets of 4 for $25.00.  

All styles are priced at $134.00.  Plus $6.00 shipping/handling within the United States.  See below for NON - U.S. destinations.

Please specify style (A, B or C) when ordering.  Deliver is usually within 2 -3 days within U.S.  

Texas residents - I must collect state tax of $10.72 ($150.72 total). Please inform me when ordering if you live in Texas. 

NON - U.S. DESTINATION:  Two methods:

  • PRIORITY MAIL -  Ship time approximately 6 to 10 days.  $32.95 to Canada.  Shipping to U.K. and most of the world is $47.95. 
  • FIRST CLASS -  Shipping times vary by country and costs aproximately 1/2 of the PRIORITY MAIL price.  

PRIORITY MAIL FLAT RATE BOX can accommodate up to 6 racks for the same shipping price.  This and other mail costs may be obtained by Email request.  


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